An Angel's Story

Amy’s Angels was established in 2014 in loving memory of Amy (Fiondella) Bochman, a beautiful

and dedicated mother who lost her battle with breast cancer before her son Ethan reached the age of 6.


Due to Amy’s illness, she was unable to work and

was on disability. Her high insurance co-pay did not adequately cover her medical expenses for hospital stays and chemotherapy, making it difficult to meet their modest living expenses and mounting medical bills.


Amy died in December of 2013.


Amy’s Angels was created to help people like Amy who are struggling with the debilitating effects of a long term illness or serious injury by providing both short term and long term assistance through advocacy, volunteer services, fund raising and financial support. 


We believe that patients need to focus on their recovery rather than worry about their financial burdens. That’s why we’re assisting people, so they
can focus on healing, support their families, meet the costs of their medical obligations and return to a normal, productive
and healthy life.


There are many more like Amy who need our help, and we invite you to join us in helping those who struggle to live a life of dignity while battling the devastating effects of a serious illness or injury.


Thank you for helping us help others in need.