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Jack is 26 years old (soon to be 27). Jack grew up in Wethersfield, Connecticut and attended Corpus Christi School, East Catholic High School, and Assumption College. While in school, Jack was an honor student, a star athlete, a frequent volunteer at community service events, and a fast friend to all who knew him.


Jack is the son of Jack IV and Gina Casey. Jack IV is a retired West Hartford Police Captain and Gina, a hairdresser, left her profession when Jack's brother Connor was born, as Connor was born with devastating health problems and severe disabilities. Doctors informed the family that Connor would not live long, but he defied the odds and lived to be nine years old. Jack was six years old when Connor was born and was the best big brother. Although Connor could not see, hear, walk, talk, or even eat on his own, Jack knew how to communicate and connect with his brother. Jack helped with Connor's care and was always able to get Connor to smile and laugh, something the doctors said Connor would never be able to do. Sadly, Connor passed away while Jack was in high school. Jack was heartbroken; but Jack was, and still is, thankful for the years he had with Connor. 


After Jack graduated college with honors, he started his career with computer technology. Jack enjoyed the challenges this field offered; however, as time passed, Jack started to get frequent migraines and extreme fatigue. He thought the pressures of his job were causing these physical changes and this surprised him because he always carried a stressful honors courseload in school, while keeping active in competitive sports. Jack was mistaken about the cause of his changed condition it was not the pressures of his job that were causing the physical changes. In 2013, Jack sought medical attention for his headaches, and it was then that he received the devastating news that he was suffering from Oligodenroglioma, a slow growing, but currently incurable, brain tumor. Jack was diagnosed with brain cancer.


After the diagnosis, Jack survived an "awake craniotomy" where a large part of his frontal lobe was removed in order to shrink the tumor. Unfortunately, removing the entire tumor was not a possibility, as such a surgery would have left Jack irreversibly brain damaged and severely disabled. Jack continued with migraines after the surgery and now also suffers from seizures.


Jack was unemployed for several months after his surgery. In spite of the debilitating headaches and seizures, Jack looked forward to moving out of his parents' house and moving on with his life. Jack started slowly by taking a part time position doing something he loved, working with teenagers coaching high school lacrosse. Soon after, Jack eagerly jumped back into the technology field, became the homeowner of a small ranch house, and even adopted a dog. Jack was happy. Life seemed somewhat "normal," even though the headaches and seizures continued, and frequent visits to doctors' offices were the new norm.


Recently, Jack received the terrible news that his tumor is growing and was advised that both immediate chemotherapy and radiation would be the recommended treatment. Jack has had great faith in his doctors, both in Boston and in Hartford, and is now undergoing the recommended treatment. Although health insurance covers much of the treatment, there are other medical expenses that are not covered. Additionally, Jack is expected to be out of work for an extended period and will not have income to pay all his expenses.


Jack has not asked for financial assistance, because he is used to helping others (not the other way around). Close friends and family know, however, that Jack, in addition to facing health challenges, will soon be facing financial challenges. Jack must pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, lodging and travel expenses to doctors' appointments in Boston, other incidental expenses related to the treatment, a modest mortgage, student loans, and living expenses. If Jack's health causes a loss of income, he will not be able to pay

his bills.


We all pray for a miracle for Jack. He's determined to beat this illness, but the road to a cancer-free life will not be an easy one.

There will be many bumps in the road, physically, mentally, and financially. We all can help ease Jack's journey by helping him with

his financial obligations.



If you would like to help Jack, please consider a donation:






Thank you for helping us help Jack on his journey.

With sincere and heartfelt appreciation,

The Family and Friends of Jack Casey