Stand By Neusa

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Neusa’s and Chip’s family life before her accident

Neusa had been working in a physician’s office, and Chip is an Assistant Manager with Chick-fil-A, working long hours, 5 days a week.  Married in May, 2016, Chip and Neusa had been living their happy life together in Avon, CT, enjoying activities like hiking and kayaking.  Their daughter Caroline is married and Maria is in nursing school.

Neusa Uberti’s horrifying, catastrophic accident

Neusa’s life was radically altered in a severe automobile accident on February 24, 2018 while visiting her family in Brazil.  The trauma physician examining her had never seen a severed cervical spinal cord in a living person, and though additional surgeries were performed following her return to the U.S., Neusa survives with severely limited movement in her shoulders and arms and paralysis
from her chest down.   


Neusa’s and her family’s life now

Neusa’s, Chip’s, Caroline’s and Eddie’s and Maria’s lives all have been turned entirely upside down, inside out and backwards as a result of Neusa’s accident, and may never be normal again.  Neusa may never again brush her own hair or teeth, pour a cup of coffee, hug her family members, hike, kayak, or go out to a movie or dinner or travel on vacation. 


Neusa’s extraordinary, uncertain and costly lifetime needs

While Neusa is blessed with optimism, a loving spirit, her mental abilities and the ability to operate her special motorized wheelchair, she requires help with all of her activities of daily living. . . activities we take entirely for granted.  Chip and Neusa had been living financially conservative lives, and though government sponsored programs like Medicaid and Money Follows the Person will provide
and / or pay for some of the extraordinary support, nursing care and various special care services she will require for her entire life, the financial resources necessary for providing her with an appropriate level of care, support and comfort in her daily life will most certainly be extraordinary, uncertain, and potentially enormously expensive over her lifetime.

What is next for Neusa and her family?

Considering Neusa’s unfortunate and distressing reality, her future naturally is quite uncertain.  Currently, Neusa and her family have been moved into a temporary, wheelchair accessible apartment.  This is simply a short term solution, as the space is extremely limited. Neusa and her family are in desperate need of a wheelchair accessible home. 


Neusa’s critical, urgent need for equipment and services to perform daily tasks

While insurance may pay for a portion of each of these items, the bulk of the fees are the patient's responsibility.  We hope to ease
the family's burden by raising enough money to purchase this equipment or identifying generous donors who are compelled to
sponsor a specific need.

Needed equipment and services: Possible Surgery, In-Home Health Aide, Physical Therapy/Massage Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Portable Wheelchair, Electric Patient Lift/Hoyer lift and pads, Shower Chair, Hospital Bed, Air Mattress, Automatic Bicycle, Standing Frame, Alexa & Compatible Wall Plugs, Assistive Technology Laptop with hands free software subscription and Orthotics & Gloves,
Catheterization Kits & Daily Disposable Supplies.

Will you please Stand By Neusa by donating to help secure a
wheelchair accessible home and meet her lifetime care needs.






Neusa Uberti & her family has partnered with Amy's Angels, a 501(c)(3) Public Charity
who has agreed to receive contributions on behalf Neusa and her family. By donating here,
Neusa will directly benefit from your generosity. THANK YOU! and