Voices of Angels

- Kristie (Fiondella) Clark

Testimonial from a sister:

Amy’s Angels was constructed around the awareness that even an average independent person could be struck at any moment with a life threatening illness or injury and find themselves in a position of needing help.


That hardworking person might not typically qualify for the main stream types of financial help, or may fall through the cracks.  That person was my sister, when one day she woke up to find a lump in her breast.  

 At the time she was only 31, a mother to a 3 year old boy, a licensed optician, and a former member of the National Guard.  She had her typical bills such as rent and preschool; and was always able to meet them. But then when one doctor’s visit turned into 2, 3 and so on she found her medical bills beginning to overwhelm her budget. 

 Her struggle began with an illness but the illness began to control her life when she had to stop working and go on disability after a double mastectomy.  Thanks to the support of all who gave, she was able to regain some of that control. She was able to keep her son in his preschool and she was able to live out her remaining days in her own place with her son, where she was comfortable and at peace.   

Her name was Amy (Fiondella) Bochman and she inspired others with her strength and grace in the face of her own failing health.  She lived each day to the fullest with no question that there would be more days to come.  She always believed that she would get to see her son grow up strong and healthy.  Her outlook on life, kindness and charisma gave others perspective and gratitude for their own health.  Her story generated amazing support from her family, friends and the general public. People that never even met her wanted to help her fight and supported her in every way they knew how.  Because of Amy, many are left with a new look on life and a strong desire to give back. Amy’s Angels was formed out of this tragedy, and has been helping others like my sister since.

- Mark Plona

I was fortunate to be one of the first beneficiaries of Amy's Angels.  Stricken with stage four cancer and a host of other debilitating health issues our bills were piling up. Plus, I was out on disability earning 60% of pay for almost a year.  My wife had to care for me for those long months along with our three children.  Even our house had developed several problems and we just had to let them go.  When Bob heard about my issues, he didn't even hesitate to take on my cause.  Bob and his family were all involved and made us feel special from the very beginning.  Through Bob's leadership and unique method, Any's Angels was able to raise the necessary funds for me to use to pay off my debts and put me back on track.  Such a huge weight lifted off our shoulders.  We couldn't thank Bob and Amy's Angels enough for helping us when we needed it most.  We will never forget what they did for us.  I plan to help the organization however I can in the future.  And I ask you to support Amy's Angels.

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- Jack Casey


Amy's Angels - 5 Years Strong!